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Thiago Goncalves moved to the United States from Brazil at age seventeen. He received a B.S., in Exercise Science from Bryan College, TN and a M.A. in Theology from Southwestern Assemblies of God University, TX.  Thiago  began his work as a mentor and soccer coach at Southwestern Assemblies of God University, followed by Dallas Christian College, and eventually to F.C. Dallas. Passionate about soccer and ministry, the move to Dallas, TX was a natural fit. With encouragement from his wife Stephanie and a driven confidence in the call of God, he founded in 2008 All Nations Soccer Ministries  (ANS Ministries). Along with a host of team members and volunteers from around the world, Thiago has reached twenty-one nations and approximately eighty thousand people with the Gospel message. In his free time, Thiago loves to play with his three kids Hannah (7 yrs), Gracie (3 yrs), and Levi (1 yr). He also conducts conferences for church leadership around the globe with the purpose to encourage and equip leaders to fulfill their God given callings for life and ministry. Grateful for his local church and fellow denominational ministers, Thiago currently holds ministerial licenses as an evangelist with the Assemblies of God, USA.




Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, Thiago has served as an international speaker in schools, sports team events, government buildings, Gospel crusades, conferences, church meetings, and revivals in the USA and twenty different nations worldwide. With fourteen years of experience as a public speaker, Thiago is able to connect with people of many different backgrounds and cultures and encourage them to fulfill their God given destiny.

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Thiago found the gift of leadership from the early years in college where he lead a group of fifty plus students who met weekly to worship and find encouragement in the word of God. His background in competitive soccer and swimming enriched his knowledge base and helped him to develop a very effective and unique approach to leadership that has allowed him to connect and influence dozens of men and women of all different ages by mentoring and helping them find their confidence to face the everyday challenges of life and most importantly fulfill their callings.

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Thiago has written a leadership seminar designed for the leadership of the local church on the topic of "Spiritual Authority." The seminar is designed to encourage key leaders to identify themselves with the Great Commission and the ministry of healing and deliverance. The seminar is written in English, Portuguese and Spanish and has been ministered to over five hundred leaders serving in the local churches in USA, Brazil, Tanzania, Nigeria and Cuba.

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Friend Healed from Cancer

"Hello brother how have been? I wanted to let you know some good news. Do you remember the woman that brought the prayer list from her job, when you provided the service on faith healing? One of her requests was from her boss who's father was dying from cancer. And you compared her faith to the Centurion's faith who believed the Lord could heal his servant far away. Well her boss's  brother contacted her the week before last, thanking her and our church for praying for him because their father's cancer is completely gone. He said the doctors were amazed because now he shows no signs of even having cancer. We praise Jesus of course but I know you would like the good news." - Robert Natal

Ministering in Fort Worth, TX

"We had the privilege of having Evangelist Thiago with us at our church service for the homeless. Many ministers would not be able to minister in an outside environment with people constantly coming and going, but he was right in his element. His message of hope and faith in Christ is preached with such a sincere passion to see people come up higher! His words were straight from Heaven and carried such a strong anointing that many people were set free as a result of his message and ministry. We look forward with great anticipation to him joining us once again!" - Pr. Ronnie Gonzales

Sensation to Right Arm Restored

"I had lost sensation on the right side of my arm after forty pounds of weight fell on the back of my neck in a work accident. Minister Thiago was preaching at the Gathering Church in Dallas, TX when he pointed me out and said that he wanted to pray for me. As he was praying for me I began to feel sensation on my hands again for the first time in five years. Today I am completely healed for the glory of God. Thank you Jesus for healing me! Thank you Minister Thiago for praying for me. God is good!" - Pete Adina

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